15th mei2012

Redzz – I’m An Alcoholic

by Marquez

Alcoholism is fast becoming one of the biggest problems facing the UK today. Research shows that, in 2009/10, there were 1,057,000 alcohol related admissions to hospital. This is an increase of 12 per cent on the 2008/09 figure (945,500) and more than twice as many as in 2002/03 (510,800). This year the government decided to crackdown on the booze culture by introducing a late-night levy with local authorities able to charge a levy on drinking establishments with late-night licensing under the government’s crackdown on alcohol abuse.

The proposal is included in the Alcohol Strategy, launched by the Home Office in March. This promised, for the first time, a minimum unit price for alcohol.

Home Secretary, Theresa May said “the effects of dangerous drinking meant a sensible price needed to be put on drinks that cause harm”. She said: ‘Most drinks will not be affected, but cheap vodka, super-strength cider and lagers will go up in price. The dangerous drinks will become more expensive; the price of a normal pint in the local pub will not increase by a single penny”

Despite the government’s efforts.  London musician, Redzz, thinks the government is not doing enough to tackle an issue that is ruining the future of not only adults but several young people. He said :The governments levy on cheap drinks are only part of the problem, and a focus solely on making alcohol less affordable would risk driving more people to buying potentially dangerous drinks on the black market.’

The musician (Redzz) himself a victim of alcoholism recounts a story of his close friend almost dying from alcohol serving as an eye opener to the gravity of the abuse that can occur.  He is rallying the music industry together and a few notables in education, sports, television, and entertainment industry to launch a campaign called ‘I am An Alcoholic’ with the aim of preventing alcohol abuse amongst young adults.   Earlier this month, he recorded a follow up single to his previous hit with chart topping artist Sway.  The self-titled single ‘I am An Alcoholic’ which is penned to support this campaign included a commissioned heartfelt video that lays bare the dangers of alcohol and depicts a true story.  An official launch of the campaign into schools to empower kids nationwide about the dangers of alcohol is already planned for September.

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